What it means to be Rejected (On Hold)

What it means to be Rejected (On Hold)

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Vicky-R. G By luvhrt12 Updated Nov 29, 2018

Tabitha had a bright future in front of her, as an international student in a big College on scholarship, she put her blood and sweat into her studies. 

Now her college life is coming to an end, graduation is in about two weeks time, so she decides to step out of her comfort zone and attend a college frat party.

But in the one night, all her dreams of her attending a good university and a bright future are ripped away from her when her chastity is stolen by Aston the king of Crescent College. But there's more to Aston than the human eye can see, Aston is to be Alpha of Crescent Moon pack, and to his surprise Tabitha is to be his mate.

Tabitha is only a human, and to her she has just been molested by drunk college guy. Her anger and confusion is peeked even more as Aston glares at her and says,
"I Aston Alpha of Crescent moon pack, Reject you,"

Naive to the world of werewolves, Tabitha only staggers to regain control of her life. But as if her life hadn't turned upside down enough, her body begins to change and soon she realizes that its not just her life anymore.

Cover by: @ZahraQ

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