Fat? (Xiuhan fan fiction)

Fat? (Xiuhan fan fiction)

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Bringing it back to when EXO were still trainees. Xiumin is the last to enter EXO and everyone welcomes him with open arms except for one certain member. Luhan finds himself attracted to Xiumin at first sight but Sehun, the boy who likes Luhan doesn't want to see his man flirting with someone else. Xiumin already has self esteem issues with how he looks and entering EXO put the cherry on the cake, he doesn't think much about himself and doesn't know what to do. 

WARNING: please, please, please do not read this fan fiction if you're sensitive about eating disorders, self harm and all of that stuff. This fan fiction is mature for a reason, if you can not read about eating disorders or about sad things in general I recommend you to read a different fan fiction. This fan fiction also has smut in it, a lot of smut so if you know you don't like smut, please don't read this fan fiction! If anything, 18+ should be reading this fan fiction. If you're younger than 18 and are reading this fan fiction, know what you're getting yourself into with eating disorders, self harm, smut and all of that stuff.

Other than that I hope you enjoy this fan fiction!

Wait so what did Sehun squeeze if Xiumin doesn't have any arm fat? Or fat in general?
That moment when : in real life you just LOVE Sehun but in this story I'm just like : BITCH WHAT ? COME ON , LETS FIGHT !!!
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