One Last Scream

One Last Scream

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Queen B By lemonlade Updated Aug 26, 2016

London Patterson is the younger sister of Nina Patterson. She's fierce, bitchy, and stubborn. London is a part of Lakewood High's hottest, to which she says obviously. 

     At one point she was absolutely smitten with Jake Fitzgerald and after they started dating, she began to fall in love with him. 

     But not one month later she caught him with someone she'd never even believe he could've liked. So she pretends she's sick and 'randomly' calls it quits.

     And here we are, 2 weeks later. Brooke decides that London doesn't need high school guys, so they both begin to pursue Seth Branson; one of their teachers. 

     But after an argument with her older sister late at night, about her parents being back home in the middle of school tomorrow. She stays over at her friend, Emma's, house for the night. 

     Now Nina won't answer her texts or any calls, and didn't show up at school. That plus Tyler being absent,  and the new viral video of Audrey Jensen; that she knows her sister put up. London's starting to worry. 

                But every thing is alright.