The Alpha's Stubborn Mate

The Alpha's Stubborn Mate

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Veronica Jones By VeronicaMJ13 Updated Feb 04

Chapter 1

I started today just like every other. With a shower. I undressed and stepped into the warm water. 

I savored the warmth, knowing that moments later I would have to get out and freeze.

 I step out minutes later and get ready for school.

 I put on my navy blue hoody, my skinny jeans, and a pair of Vans. I brush my hair out and leave it down. With one last glance towards my reflection I call out my sisters name "Jessica! Time to go!." "I know!." She answered.

She's so annoying. She has made me miss the bus like 5 times already. If you know me, you'd know that I love school.

 Weird huh? 

I make my way to the bus stop and sitting on the curb is my sister's ex-friend Kaylee.

 She's a goofy girl that looks exactly like my sister. They were besties at one point but I don't know what happened.

 "Hey Kaylee, what's up?" I asked. 

"Just waiting for the bus, obviously." 

Omg rude. "I see that." I snapped back. Awkward silence. Jessica runs up and punches my thigh.

 "Dead leg...

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