Running from the gang

Running from the gang

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I regret walking to McDonald's that night. I regret screaming. I regret running. I regret that its my fault my parents are dead. At least I haven't been found.

I don't regret fighting. I don't regret leaving. I don't regret hiding.
At least I got away.Until...

I had it all. I had the hot popular boyfriend, a great group of friends, loving parents and everything I wanted. But that was torn away from me when I witnessed a gang leader murder a man he claimed was a snitch.

When I found my parents dead the next day in a serial killers wet dream, I was forced to go on the run, giving up everything I loved.

After 2 years, 3 dead members of the gang and a new school, I was found. When secrets are unraveled and with the FBI somehow involved, nothing is as it ever seemed.

asoomz asoomz Dec 06, 2016
Gang leader: WHERE ARE YOU
                              mind: dont do it
                              mind: dont do it
                              mind: DONT U DO IT-
                              her: RIGHT HERE
elizarobbo1 elizarobbo1 Jun 07, 2016
My last name is Robinson and I do boxing .... I LOVE THIS STORY
IceyCakes02 IceyCakes02 Jun 23, 2016
Ur suposed to hide not call out where u are man there gonna kill u
Cookiedough234 Cookiedough234 Oct 19, 2016
Youu stupid your name is Becky Roe not your old name that literally defeats the purpose of changing your name
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here 
                               i would like to get to know you