Don't Go There (Camren)

Don't Go There (Camren)

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10 years ago Camila's mother left her father to be with another man. Her father was lonely untill he found Clara. Clara had already children of her own, Chris, Taylor and Lauren. They all grew up together and all love eachother and ofcourse see eachother as their stepsisters/brothers. 

But what happens when unwanted feelings start to develop? When Lauren starts to see Camila in a different light? What happens when secrets take over the family bond? When two people can't be together because it's a taboo.. They're supposed to be stepsisters right? What happens when they go there? Too far to back down.. 

Read all about it.

Warning: G!P Camila

Tht_Btch Tht_Btch Dec 10, 2016
Last time I threw the control against the wall and broke it, my mom chased me. 😂😂
Roxyfoxxy69 Roxyfoxxy69 Oct 17, 2016
10FUCKING YEARS?!? Couldn't she atleast be 5 years older cause 10 years is so weird OMG
Hades_daughter21 Hades_daughter21 Jul 31, 2016
Clearly you haven't seen her because Lauren turns every straight girl gay
iiYouo iiYouo Aug 06, 2016
*chokes* Disneyland is too damn expensive for me to just be inviting people omg #BrokeBitch
cuzcamren cuzcamren Aug 05, 2016
Hey great story! But I suggest you start a new paragraph every time a different person begins to speak because it's sort of hard to read
GuidedByMyGuideAngel GuidedByMyGuideAngel Dec 15, 2015
It is weird reading this again :D , it takes me back in time. It does feel that Camila is younger here than the book that I am reading now. And I forgot that in this first book her dad seems nice and all. Just like a father can be.