nordics x reader drabbles

nordics x reader drabbles

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ON HIATUS By bluehairedboy Completed

A/n: this is a songfic, the song, or the lyrics doesn't belong to me.
Lyrics goes to: Lia1291 in youtube, go watch the video, her voice was an absolute angel. Enjoy! Btw the pic is not mine~ and by the way, again. It's a HetaOni based story. But nordic ver!


This is where I fall
Can you hear my voice call
To you in this darkness
Through curtains of the night

A certain blonde male fell onto the ground, his glasses came off of his face and onto the ground. He's bleeding badly, he gasped and panted, obviously needing more oxygen to breath, so he keep on gasping for them until he finally got enough. He fix his position, grab his glasses and use them. Then he sit down, leaning on the wall and looking out the window that is covered by an almost transparant curtains, the color of the curtains was indigo, making it looked mysterious, but let's not talk about that. 

The male reach to his sides, which was bleeding badly, pressing the wound with his palm, he ...

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