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Creepypasta x reader

Creepypasta x reader

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Kyo Howell By Kyo_The_Proxy Updated Sep 24, 2015

(A/N:k, so there won't be any creepypasta x reader yet so yeah this gonna be your origin story and before writing this i didn't plan anything so this is all made up on the spot)


You were a sorta normal girl that loved video games and also loved drawing.  (A/N: even if you were good at it or not lol) You barely had any friends at school since you didn't like socializing and most people thought you were weird. You were bullied almost everyday too, but your friends that were older than you and your bullies  (A/N: heheh, your senpai) would sometimes come to stop them but they usually didn't since they weren't there at the time.

You were actually starting to get really annoyed by it.
Everytime you got home, you would sorta just ignore your parents and two brothers.
you would just escape reality by either drawing or playing video games.

You got intrested in this thing your brother told you about, Creepypasta. (A/N: hey if y...

Elemeda Elemeda Apr 08
I was very scared of LJ and Sally. Idk, she's adorable and all that but somehow she's scaring me
I became a Creepypasta? As far as I'm concerned, I'm anything but scary and perfectly sane. But anyhow, where can I get my Creepypasta? I hope it's scary.
Mae_Akiyama Mae_Akiyama Apr 17
I don't have bullies but I wonder what is Jeff's reaction when she said he's ugly XDDD
Mae_Akiyama Mae_Akiyama Apr 17
Me I will always beat my brother at video games and Do scribble at paper and use my tablet to draw XD
HEH I actually have two brothers and alot of this is very reliable
                              And he is more beautiful than you bïtçh!!!