Fix me

Fix me

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Raine By GoddessOfAphrodite Completed


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Ever since Alex's mom died her dad became a workaholic. And together with her dad's job is travelling. In London she met a jerk. Who she must admit is handsome and hot. He's mister popular, your typical bad boy star player. But there's more in him. Behind his jerk mask is a mysterious boy who has a past. But she also finds herself falling for him. Of course the odds are not in their favor. Their relationship can't be all happy like in fairy tales.                                                     -*-*-*-                                                                   I know it sound cliche but I promise you it's not ;)

  • bad
  • boy
  • girl
  • humor
  • tragedy
kaolapo kaolapo Sep 25, 2017
Are they Christian and Anastasia’s kids??? Oooo this is sooooo littttttttt
Lilbluewhaley Lilbluewhaley Sep 28, 2017
Dont worry there is a school without school uniforms where my cousin is taking his gr.1q
malaika999 malaika999 May 07, 2017
Damn she has so many best friends. I only have one. One acquaintance that is.
glamour0reader glamour0reader Aug 17, 2017
Hates, asks, stuffs.....Jesus Christ 
                              I'm sorry, I know this book was unedited but like damn
kaolapo kaolapo Sep 25, 2017
Me: I love you
                              My brothers: hahhh gayyyyy *punches in my stomach and pulls my hair*
northernstella northernstella Apr 13, 2017
Pure friendship is hard to find now. Many people are now like Sam who use others.