Being Phil's Sister (a Danisnotonfire fanfic)

Being Phil's Sister (a Danisnotonfire fanfic)

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Killian's Witch By KilliansWitch Updated Aug 20, 2016

Hi, my name is Holly Lester, the 22 year old sister of Phillip Michael Lester (or as you know him: AmazingPhil).

Whilst Phil continued his Youtube career, I moved to the States to become a nurse, but now I'm back in London and have been in contact with Phil's roommate and best friend Dan Howell (who I met over a Skype call with Phil) to surprise my big brother as he has no idea that I'm back in England.

It should have been easy but who'd have thought that I'd fall in love with the King of the internet?

When did life get so complicated?

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Avery.. first there the summer in the city which this year a band called why don't we is preforming at and one of the band members last name is avery like wtf!!!
                              BTW why don't we is the best band ever
HollieVallence HollieVallence Feb 19, 2017
Yay a fan fiction with my name in it even though my name ends in ie
bitchyzombie_skinz bitchyzombie_skinz Jan 12, 2017
the only reason why i read this book is because of dan and phil and holly reminds me of hollyleaf <3
ThatRandomGay110 ThatRandomGay110 Nov 24, 2016
Wait u were seriously crying in a hotel omg I'm so sorry 😰