The Day Of Her Wedding... (MBFC Part 2) #Wattys2016

The Day Of Her Wedding... (MBFC Part 2) #Wattys2016

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Love after arrange marriage can be a hard thing. How many stories on Wattpad have a love after marriage story? Many! Take a peak at this one. Slightly different.

For both twin sisters, Samyra and Ridhima, life played a very dirty game. They both fell in love with the same boy! Yuvraaj. 

Imagine sitting in the mandap waiting for your groom, but he never appears. Imagine looking around for your sister as you sit in the mandap, but later find out, she's not there. Imagine finding out... Your sister and your to be husband have eloped! 

So what exactly happens to 21 year old, devastated, Ridhima? She leaves her family? Commits suicide? No! She gets married. Yes, she ends up getting married to Kabir, who loves her like crazy. Ridhima doesn't love Kabir, she even refuses to make eye contact with him afraid she'll end up heart broken. Again. But Kabir being himself, won't give up on his love for her. Gradually, Ridhima ends up falling in love with him.

And then, life decides to play ANOTHER dirty game! What will it be? Read to find out! 

Authors Note: As I promised, I have finally made a sequel to MBFC. This is my second shot and hope you like it:)

Story is not edited. It will say it is, but it's not. Read at your own risk!

                              So much cousins 
                              If there is a problem if i read this story first??before reading mbfc
Keren10369 Keren10369 Jun 27, 2016
Thanks sis, ur stories rock! But again too many characters and I hope they don't get me confused.. again like the last time.
Narutofan896 Narutofan896 Sep 25, 2016
Is it necessary to read the 1st part?o r icanread this directly?
Alpha_taniya Alpha_taniya Sep 19, 2016
She is damn pretty! Ek tha Raja ek thi Rani was like my Favourite because she was there
Keren10369 Keren10369 Jun 27, 2016
Dude, I love ur stories... please make more on Shraddha, Varun and Alia
Bushra_Rahmani Bushra_Rahmani Oct 06, 2015
Wow....all the casts are soo hotttt!!! I mean awesomme...n Kabir... he is my man ;)