Played by the Enemy || Captain America || Book 2

Played by the Enemy || Captain America || Book 2

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"My hands are stained with dirt. And they always will be."


Trapped. That's what Lillian Nightshade is. She's trapped in a world of pain, cold and darkness. A world where foes are adorned in garments that veil their true intentions, and words are sharper than the swords they wield. A place that was once filled with the laughter and wonder of amiable townsfolk, has now been replaced by cobblestone streets quieter than a ghost town. What is this sullen world you ask?


Loki Laufeyson's reign has been one of malice and cruelty. He doesn't blink at the starving Asgardians on the streets with their cheekbones sunken like the Grim Reaper, and he certainly doesn't lift a finger when he watches his daughter, Lillian, get beaten and whipped into shape so fiercely that she can barely sleep at night with the abundance of lacerations and bruises that litter her body. 

All Lillian can do, is fight. She can fight when she's fallen. She can fight when she's crying. And she can fight when she's broken. But when the tides begin to turn and bigger players step onto the chess board, what's a broken, badass assassin to do?

This is a tale of Lillian Nightshade facing her own dark demons, both psychologically and physically. An adventure of her fighting tooth, skin and nail for her own freedom whilst she attempts to overcome the adversities thrown her way. But in spite of it all, will the two opposites, Lillian and Steve, find their way to each other's lives once again? Or is their romance lost, a faded memory stored away for rainy days? For she may have their love to light the way, but where there is light, there will always be its older sibling.



**I obviously don't own any Marvel or comic characters. I only own the plot, Lillian Nightshade, Samuel Hemmings and a few other characters that appear later on in the book. All other rights are reserved to Marvel and DC comics.**

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Not even thought the first chapter and the fourth wall is already down now I have to ding my damn bob the builders hat again.GOD!
                              Because... I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY MOFO
Ivywood Ivywood Apr 13
Alternats Universe maybe? Or everybody else somehow got amnesia,
Miranda393 Miranda393 Jul 28, 2017
Wait, I think I get it: did Sam never exist in the first place? Was it Loki the entire time? But then how'd he get Doom to say he's Sam's father... but other than that my theory works out!
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_captainjacksparrow _captainjacksparrow Dec 11, 2017