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New team mate (Under Lots Of Editing)

New team mate (Under Lots Of Editing)

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cutiepie14727916 By cutiepie14727916 Updated Apr 04

(y/n) use to live in a small lively village until  people stormed the village looking for younge children (y/n) parents were killed along with the other adults luckily some children where able to get away and (y/n) was one she ran into a forest looking for somewhere to stay but there seemed to be no village near by and gave up looking so wandered around the forest and found a dragon surprisingly it was friendly and became a father and mother figure the dragon taught her dragon slaying magic and other types as well

a couple years later the dragon leaves with no trace left behind  (y/n) does everything she can to find him but had no luck so she lived on her own for a while but had to leave because she needed to buy things to repair her house on the way she finds a house that perfect for her and decided to move to Magnolia along the way she meets a girl named Lucy Heartfilia who shows her the 1 guild called Fairy Tail

Ok so did reader change out of her PJ's or no cuz going to the guild in PJ's seems bad