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Amelia By amelialeehan Completed

Juliette Sophia White, the popular daughter of the pack Alpha. She had everything.

One day, her parents are brutally murdered and pack members blame her for their death. She is tortured and mistreated. She only hangs on to the string of life because of the fantasy of her mate. However, when her mate cruelly rejects her, she runs away. 

Now she is one of the best warriors and the girlfriend of another pack's Alpha. She believes all is perfect and well when she is to return to her old pack for a mission. 

Juliette, the mistreated girl. Lucas, the seeming saviour. Ashton, the supposed cruel mate. Where will their story lead them?

  • complicated
  • heartbreak
  • rejection
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
justciphe justciphe Apr 02
Cigarettes?? The smell chokes me. If I was a werewolf and my mate smelled like cigarettes, I'll develop breathing problem
What is it with these weird smells with every book they have weird smells like cheese and socks
Jhansis24030693 Jhansis24030693 Jul 15, 2017
come on she is born a leader, why would they stripped her rank away from her?
Phancakes_23 Phancakes_23 Sep 25, 2016
*trying not to turn into demon self*
                              Fudge it!
                              *turns into demon self*
                              YOU WILL DIE TONITE STUPID BUTT FACE!
                              (you can do better than that)
                              Fine. YOU- *screams the entire dictionary of colorful language*
- - Apr 16, 2016
wtf it wasnt her fault she didnt know someone wouldve attacked her and they shouldve respected her, since she is all they had left of her parents smh.
krizzylicious002 krizzylicious002 Aug 17, 2016
Her mate is her only hope. Unless she leave her pack so I understand her.