The Mist is Gone

The Mist is Gone

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The demigods have just gotten back from their quest against Gaea, and were being rewarded by the gods. The demigods were finally expecting to be able to have a break, except one minor detail  prevented them. The Mist was gone. The satyrs weren't allowed out into the mortal world, so guess who was stuck finding all the unclaimed demigods?!

It's an actual story, not one shots.

Don't judge- it's my first book!!

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ShadowHunterB01 ShadowHunterB01 Sep 25, 2017
Frank you can literally turn into any and I repeat any animal so you are a chicken therefore you are a chicken nugget
frostofwintersnight frostofwintersnight Jul 31, 2017
Btw, the title would be more catchy if it was "gone with the mist"
TeamLeoMember TeamLeoMember Dec 21, 2016
Good one! Hey, I wonder if Leo ever built that chicken nugget smoke machine thing a ma bobber....
MarsBar26 MarsBar26 Jan 09, 2017
TeamLeoMember TeamLeoMember Dec 21, 2016
No, don't anyone dare turn him into one! I think he's pretty cool... I guess, if you'd call it cool.
fluffysparkl fluffysparkl Aug 05, 2016
You can be a chicken but I don't know about a chicken nugget...