My Roommate the Sex God (Boyxboy ) ✔️

My Roommate the Sex God (Boyxboy ) ✔️

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Keagen is the definition of  fuck-up badboy . He is hot headed and impulsive ,drinks to much and of course loves sex. Who wouldn't in college. But he just happens to have the looks of a sex god, bright green eyes , sexy devil's lips , and a body that could make even God  moan .He hates anything that messes with his life , he has his wall high for reasons ,now poor little Jamie won't be an acceptation when he finds out he will be rooming with the bad boy ... Or will he .

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CanIHasPhrend_pls CanIHasPhrend_pls 16 hours ago
I think this person bought the book "how to foreshadow for dummies." Or something. Lol.
makala-gillis makala-gillis 20 hours ago
January 15 , 2017 2:00                           Nashville, Tennessee
Currently-A-Jinx Currently-A-Jinx 10 hours ago
Oooooooooooo okay just got that aha......... Wow i feel stupid that took me like ten minutes to figure out X'D
PrancingWithPorpoise PrancingWithPorpoise 18 hours ago
Woah didn't mean to press enter. 2017 3:13 PM Minnesota, USA
undertakerlove undertakerlove 2 hours ago
❤😍❤911 I'm in need of a fire fighter this boy is too hot!!
Evanscent_atBest Evanscent_atBest 14 hours ago
not gonna lie, i would be keagan if i didn't get so emotionally attached to people. i'm a stone cold bitch unless you wiggle your way into my black heart