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Lucifer's Daughter

Lucifer's Daughter

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Kylie Marie By IRegretNothing101 Updated Feb 12, 2016

Sam and Dean are working a small case in Iowa and gets help from a young hunter. 
But what happens when this hunter turns out to be Lucifer's Daughter.

I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters from it.

CupcakeViking CupcakeViking Aug 22, 2016
HA AH! You just gave the fourth wall a swift kick in the ass!
rayjaythezombae rayjaythezombae Sep 29, 2016
I know someone with this name, but she pronounces it "nuh-vae"
Rivaicifer Rivaicifer Sep 06, 2016
Really? You pulled out the actor card on us readers right there.
CupcakeViking CupcakeViking Aug 22, 2016
Do you pronounce that like your saying never wierd or like "nay-ayh?