Until I See You Again

Until I See You Again

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He was making me stutter as his little pout was making me feel guilty. His hands exploring my lower back, going down to my ass- his bottom lip still poking out.

"I think you're a bit nervous, hm?" He bit his lip seductively as he whispered hoarsely in my ear "And I can feel yourself gettin' a bit.. Wet, huh?"

His palm cupped my little lady, rubbing it softly.

"You missed me, didn't you?" He smiled

"Yes" I admitted, squeezing my thighs together "Cordyn, stop"

I poked out my bottom lip- already craving his tongue to be inside me. He sucked on my neck, rubbing me faster as I moaned, my inner thighs tightening together.

"I missed you so much," He whined, my breathing hitched

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