Just Ask Juliet

Just Ask Juliet

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Rebecca Reynolds loves being Juliet. Posing as an anonymous blogger and sorting out everyone's love life has her doing what she does best, giving other people their happily ever afters.

But things take a drastic turn when her father shows up at her door inviting her to live with him and his family in Washington DC.

Caught between politics and something that resembles a bad retelling of a fairytale, the only way Rebecca can make it through is to put together the pieces of the sixteenth summer of her life which she remembers nothing of.

Remembering that summer could tell her why her step brother hates her more than anything, why a girl she's never seen before is suddenly her best friend and why the President's son, the one boy she can't have is the one she can't help fall for.

After all solving other people's love lives is easy but dealing with your own is a mess.

Don't believe me? 
Then Just Ask Juliet.

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1. Completely true. My life is the example.
                              2. So, does that mean happy ending in this book? 🤷
Dude? Like for real?! I'm surprised by your choice of words! 😝😝
alicat___22 alicat___22 Nov 12
If you put the bolded words together it forms a sentence: The Secret Was Romeo and The Crown is Juliet
Elliscot3 Elliscot3 Dec 06
No, I don't wanna kill him. If he didn't exist, then how would we get this story?
Tbh im just here to know what happened with rebecca and spencer or whatever
Grey_jeans Grey_jeans a day ago
Guess I'm pretty sure the montagues and Tybalt being italicized isn't accidental.. I think it means that Tybalt is suppose to be related to the montagues... so maybe it's suppose to be Daniel?