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The Cafeteria Doesn't Serve Brains

The Cafeteria Doesn't Serve Brains

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JF Hensley By JFHensley Completed

Charlie's a geek, which isn't so bad, except he's also a zombie, which would make him uncool no matter what. The one bright point in his life is Holly, a vampire who just wants genuine friendship and doesn't care how cool the normal kids think vampires are. Soon, high school social issues will be the least of their concerns when an unresolved issue from Holly's past reintroduces himself and tries to take back what he believes is his.

Awesome new cover designed by the generous @Chatachino

Okay, seriously disgusting question, but why do vampires kill people to drink their blood when girls spend one week a month getting rid of it? Vamps should learn to drink period blood or animal blood and stop with the unnecessary murder
-zizi- -zizi- Dec 26, 2016
I know right? It's always the same things. Gah!I told my mom to put it in the microwave this morning!
amaterasu_ amaterasu_ Feb 18
For some reason animal brains sounds far more appetizing than school food. >_<
Peanut_Nutter123 Peanut_Nutter123 Dec 31, 2016
I prefer them slow roasted with oregano and fennel seeds- BUT GOSH DANGIT MOM I TOLD YOU NOT TO PUT IT IN RAW AGAIN
kaceykwarteng kaceykwarteng Dec 09, 2016
Question. How fast are these zombies? Are they slow or do they just walk at the average pace
SeriouslyQuirky SeriouslyQuirky 6 days ago
Ayo! ;P Shout out to Zimbabwe♥ This story's good, I like you.