Under the Cloak | A Minecraft Diaries Story (Under Editing)

Under the Cloak | A Minecraft Diaries Story (Under Editing)

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90 Degree Angle By Miss_Little_Angel Updated Aug 24, 2015

Some people say you can tell a person's entire story by their eyes..but she's been living under a mask her whole life.

Her childhood was a mess. Her mother was executed in front of her own eyes, she discovered that she had powers she can't seem to control, she's been running away from her past while running into new dangers that await in the shadows of the future, and even worse. Her own father is tracking her buried footsteps everyday. 

But when she stumbles upon the growing village of Phoenix Drop she slowly learns how to trust again. But that doesn't mean the threats die down. 

Watch her adventure into new terrain, protecting the people she love. But even though she has the powers to fight against these dangers...will it be enough?

Disclaimer: I do not own all the characters, credits go to Aphmau. Also please understand that this book was written a long time ago so some of this information is invalid. Please don't put comments that say "But this guy is this" or "But this is what's supposed to happen".//

  • adventure
  • humor
  • mystery
  • romance
  • wattys2015
NearlyNebula NearlyNebula Jul 11, 2016
We just sassed the sass master sassmau! How is that possible?!
AmazingJade_ AmazingJade_ Mar 30, 2016
I just wanted to see Kawaii~Chan so I can eat all the sweet thing in the world!  XD
dust-of-stars dust-of-stars Mar 19, 2016
Wow Black cloak White dress and purple hair how creative of me
kaykat246 kaykat246 May 01, 2016
So basically.....
                              I sold my soul to you by opening this book?
                              K cool
Ender-kitty Ender-kitty Apr 10, 2016
YOU CANT TAME MEH 😎 *runs off into the sun set riding a unitato (half unicorn half potato) while a magestic rainbow was pooping another rainbow and a gnome was barfing a rainbow*
Ender-kitty Ender-kitty Apr 10, 2016
Oh you know I crashed landed here on this planet  from the planet -59428734899(4799!:/6&?:687(: and I need shelter and food 🙂