Loves Lives On {A Phantom of the Opera fanfiction}

Loves Lives On {A Phantom of the Opera fanfiction}

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Ⓚⓐⓜⓘⓛⓛⓐ Ⓣⓗⓘⓔⓡⓡⓨ By KThierry Updated Dec 20, 2015

Charlotte Sauveterre grew up on tales of the Phantom of the Opera. As far back as she could remember, the Phantom was always there, protecting her from the monsters under her bed, or hovering over her shoulder like a concerned shadow whenever she found herself in situations where she feared for her safety. The Phantom had always been there, looking out for her. Then comes the fiftieth anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera, and to celebrate, it was being performed where it had taken place: The Palais Garnier, formerly known as the Opera Populaire.

And that's when things start to go wrong.

Charlotte thought the worst thing about being a stage manager at the Palais Garnier would be working with her estranged twin brother, Luc, but when a backdrop falls on Anne, the actress playing Christine Daaé, things start to descend into chaos. Toads are found in the shoes belonging to the actress playing Carlotta, pieces of sound equipment go missing, a piano is stolen right from the set, and Charlotte keeps earning the blame. Determined not to lose her job, Charlotte does what years of watching horror movies told her not to do. She goes looking for the source of the problems, and what she discovers is even harder to believe than the possibility of her and Luc ever being close again.

For in the depths of the Palais Garnier, a century and a half after the cursed events that had now been turned into a musical took place, Charlotte discovers that the Phantom was very much real, and he is very much alive.

-sort of modern AU-

It's him... The Phantom of the Opera!!! *come to me Angel of Music*
                              Wait a sec..... I'm busy reading a book Erik!
*stands by ready with shotgun* whenever you guys want to kill him let me know
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I think I see what you did there!?!?!  Was it because fantine in the movie was voiced by Anne Hathaway?? So Anne Fontaine
aixalili aixalili Feb 21
aixalili aixalili Feb 21