When Cupid Falls In Love

When Cupid Falls In Love

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When your a Greek God people expect you to be an over confident know-it-all and live up to your stereotype, but truthfully we're all ironic. Our fiercest warriors Zeus and Poseidon like to watch chick flicks, my mother Aphrodite isn't sweet and charming just an irritating turn off with her terrible attitude, Hermes isn't witty and intelligent--he's dimwitted and I, Cupid, don't know how to be in love. So when I accidentally shot myself with an arrow and fell for a dancer named Penny, I had to learn about love from a new perspective. 

One that made me do a lot of humiliating things and almost ruin it forever. 

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Tongue swelling up? Have they been stung by a bee? I think they should get that checked out...
Did you hit me with a coral arrow? Because I'm already in love with you
_tear_drop_ _tear_drop_ Jul 03
Ummm sry to burst ur bubble there, golden boy, but valentines day is for something different...
May I please say that Cupid is not a Greek god, He is a Roman God
Wow you really do suck I mean come on you at least miss 10 times a day when you are aiming at me.Come on Cupid get a grip,this is my life you know.
_ihatethisband_ _ihatethisband_ Dec 12, 2016
God damn y'all need Katniss cause I trip over my own feet at least 3 times a day, okay ? Okay.