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The Girl In The Mask (George Weasley Love Story)

The Girl In The Mask (George Weasley Love Story)

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maskedstargazer By maskedstargazer Completed

Abigail Riddle isn't who you would expect her to be, but neither is her father. Her dad is Tom Riddle who most people know as Voldemort, but no one knows the truth. Most people think that she and her dad are evil, but they couldn't be more wrong. Voldemort made a small mistake when he was younger, creating the prophecy we all know is about Voldemort and Harry Potter. The prophecy controls her and her father and tries to make them hurt others, but somehow they are still good. Knowing that he only has a few years of life left, Voldemort sends Abigail to Hogwarts for the first time, even though she's 16 years old. Until this point there had been no record that she's even born, so she isn't allowed to tell anyone who she is. 
Throughout the wizard world Abigail is known as The Girl In The Mask since no one knows who she really is. Everyone fears her and after the Quidditch cup everyone is putting more effort into finding out who this girl is since she has so much control over the dark wizards. They even believe her to be more powerful then Voldemort himself. Follow Abigail as she goes along the way trying to find true friends and keep her secret hidden. Though it might be a challenge hiding it as she starts to fall for the famous prankster George Weasley.

                              YOU'RE HEAR TILL THE END!
                              YOU PULL ME ASIDE WHEN SOMETHIN AINT RIGHT
                              TALK WITH ME NOW AND INTO THE NIGHT
                              TIL ITS ALRIGHT AGAIN
                              YOURE A TRUE FRIEND!
                              *flashbacks to 2007*
                              I like my emo self much better...
I'm back from when I was one of the only people reading this and I just want to congratulate you on getting so popular.
pickleflea1 pickleflea1 Jun 25
Taking some lessons from Barry Allen right there.
                              Barry:*wakes up after being in a coma for 9 months* Abs?
wb_hp_lover wb_hp_lover Aug 12, 2016
I really like your story! It's so cool!!!! It's hard for me to read English, because I'm Dutch but this story is really great!
I just totally zoned out and skimmed, I see this, and I legitimately think that she walked into someone and they yelled, "Abs!" because she has abs.
originality123 originality123 Dec 30, 2016