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☆°Broken Rules°☆

☆°Broken Rules°☆

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Issues By barolicious Completed

"I suggest you to step away from her before I rip your head from your neck." The person said those words one by one spitefully in a very dangerous voice that had the guy stumbling past me as he scurried through the crowd. "What the fuck are you doing here?!"

I was roughly gripped by my upper arm and yanked around, coming face to face with a very pissed off male wolf. "Ay, you're reddening my arm. Kieran!" I put my hand on top of his hand to pull at it until I removed my hand from his grip. "We aren't fucking anymore remember? You have a fucking mate go to her and leave me the hell alone!" 

I rolled my eyes when I was jerked back and Kieran sang into my ear. "Qué pena me daría, no tenerte en mi vida, vida mía, mami." I pushed him away with my ass and walked away from him toward the bar. 

A sigh slipped out of my parted lips as a body cornered me against the bar counter. "Do you ever give up? I don't fucking know why am I even asking." Jonny slipped me the drink and I grabbed the straw, leaning down to sip from my drink. 

"You shouldn't be drinking." I shrugged my shoulders at him and moved my hips to the beat of Farruko and Sean Paul, passion whine.

"Your girl is calling." I said when his phone started to vibrate and he let out an annoying groan, muttering something along the lines of she's not my girl. I rolled my eyes at him and took advantage of his hand slipping from my hip to turn around, leaning against the counter to stare at him.

"We need to get out of here now." Kieran snatched my drink away from me and placed it on the counter with his. "Her purse, thank you Jonny." He grabbed my purse and yanked me toward the stairs.

"Why? Kieran what's going on?" My heels clicked underneath me as I tried to keep up with him, his long strides too fast for me to keep up with. "Slow down! I have nine freaking inches on." Yep, short girl problem, don't judge.

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