The Players (Sirius Black love story) *COMPLETED*

The Players (Sirius Black love story) *COMPLETED*

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{COMPLETED} "So... you'll wait for me?"

Scarlett Dove;
Player, Gryffindor, equivalent of Sirius Black

Sirius Black;
Player, Gryffindor, equivalent of Scarlett Dove

Scarlett Dove and Sirius Black were very much alike. They were players, they were pranksters, and they were both friends with James, Sirius, and Peter.

But soon, Sirius starts to realize that his feelings for Scarlett could ruin his player status, and he doesn't know how to react to this.

Scarlett soon begins to think the same thing, and becomes jealous when she sees Sirius with all his 'girlfriends'.

They're the players, and they're not giving up.

*I do not own Harry Potter or any artwork and/or pictures I use for covers. All credit goes to original owners.*

-Potterworks -Potterworks Aug 07, 2016
Me: *appears out of nowhere* NOW KISS! *shoves faces together* THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!
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I have leggings that look exactly like the ones on the cover lol
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That's what the last one said. And the one before.. And the one before.. And- you know what? I've lost count.
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10 galleons to McGonagall for shipping it. Actually guys, read the book, "Ten Galleons To McGonagall." It's really good.
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That's what I told your mum last night but well *shrugs shoulders* I'm here, aren't I?