Separated: 5SOS BSMs

Separated: 5SOS BSMs

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Sophomore Slump By calums-nasa-tshirt Updated an hour ago

These are brother sister moments featuring all of the members of 5 Seconds of Summer at their current age. The idea is that you have just been found to be their sibling. Most of the preferences will be centered around that idea and hopefully be a slight twist on the standard BSMs. 

I have personally written all of the content found inside the chapters. I take requests, and give credit.

Generally speaking, each individual preference is 400-4000+ words depending on how new they are, four to each topic and one topic a chapter. There is a BSM for each boy for every topic I write on, if it shows otherwise then it's not done and probably will be finished by the end of the week.

Over 250 unique shorts to read :)

Hope you enjoy!!!

Quotes from the book:

"I hate this band," Ashton grumbled, walking the rest of the way down, and towards the kitchen.

"HEY THATS MY LINE!" Luke yelled, following him.
- Chapter 8: He Comes Home From Tour


"It was right here I swear, the only person- MICHAEL!" He roared angrily, and you all could hear the distant laughter of an artificial red-head with a stolen handcuff key.
- Chapter 29: You Are Stuck Together


Once the present was unwrapped you nearly choked on your food as you read the cover. 'Hair In New Places: A Book About Growing Up'. While you were still frozen in shock, Luke continued talking.
- Chapter 47: Birthday


"Just please put on longer shorts," Luke begged, rubbing his temples.

"What do you have against legs?" Calum demanded. "Hashtag free the knee!"

"Oh my God," Luke threw his head backward into the couch, "why do you even care Calum?"
- Chapter 51: He Doesn't Approve

DrummersAreBetter DrummersAreBetter Jun 09, 2016
My family life is literally the Luke girls story. Younger twin sisters that get whatever they want, oldest and is the "forgotten one" that has to do all the work, and I literally think it's impossible for my "mother" to say something nice to me...
I'm in class reading this because we're allowed to be on our phone and sitting over grinning like an idiot