You're My Problem  || Naruto x Reader au

You're My Problem || Naruto x Reader au

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jae By siwwgii Updated Jul 29, 2016

Naruto's JOURNAL (it's not a diary!!) entry #1
A hottie joined my school today. I'm gonna tap that. And (y/n), if you find this, I would like to say that I'm sorry and you're eyes remind me of satan's personal backyard pool but you're hot and I'd hit that.

elysia718 elysia718 Jul 06
Kakashi: Hey. Nice outfit. 
                              Me: Thanks. I bought it at burglar/criminals plus
Yuki701 Yuki701 Jul 09, 2016
i have a feeling we are going to be good friends when Shikamaru
nata5150 nata5150 Jun 14, 2016
That's actually my older (only) brother n my relation being my parental figure
Is it just me or what cuz I have a feeling tht Kakashi's tryna hook up (Y/N) and Naruto....
- - May 01, 2016
No no no Hun, it's "What a drag~" GOTTA SAY IT EXACTLLY LIKE SKIKA-SENPAI!
I go to a private school and it was definitely not my choice