Our Hearts as One

Our Hearts as One

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Bella By Under_a_Starry_Sky Completed

Glowing hearts are a rare occasion but not unheard of. After all it's not every day someone finds their soul mate.

Johan Mull laughs at the idea of his heart glowing. What girl would want to spend forever with a nerd like him.

Ted Baxter is the high school jock. Every girl wants to date him, and every guy wants to be him. He acts all hard and tough so no one knows his softer side. Ted desperately wants his heart to glow.

When their world's collide, Johan and Ted must decide to go with this new weird flow or push their world's back apart.



Psh same I'm smart as hell and because of that they think I'm innocent. Like do you know the amount of fanfic and lemons I read daily?
The only "groups" in my school are the popular people and the rest of the school
When everyone learned the Pythagorean theory in high School but you learned it in seventh grade
HeartPonder45 HeartPonder45 2 days ago
XD before you said my name (one of the sisters ) and now the teacher has my last name! Will my middle name be next? 😂😂
I just read that as Annie a few times before realising it was Amie
sweetdecay sweetdecay Aug 09
Lol in my school smart people are praised most are even in the 'cool' crowd