I have you

I have you

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Ally was on a taco night out with her best friend Danny when he spotted Stevie sitting at a table ahead of them.

Danny: Hey Ally. I'll buy pizza if she gives you her number.

Ally looked over to a booth where Stevie was sitting at. 
Ally: That's stupid. How on earth do you know if she's into girls..
Danny: We're out here and there's a beautiful lady right there whom might potentially be your future girlfriend. Ask her.

Ally: Are you seeing her with your eyes or your butt? She's way out of my league Danny.. I'm like a talking trash can have you seen me? 
Danny: If you're a trash can, she might as well be a trash bag that fits you so perfectly.
Ally: I can't believe you made trash romantic. 
Danny: Come on. Give it a shot. 
Ally: I don't know. *bzz*

Ally's phone screen brights up and Danny looked over. 
Danny: Why are you still saving that as your wallpaper. Change it. 
Ally: I'm not ready. 
Danny: She dumped you Ally. Stop sulking and go. 

Ally got up and walk  over to where Stevie ...

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