Sexting My Brother (boyxboy)

Sexting My Brother (boyxboy)

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Belieber On The Run By Dread181 Completed

An empty chat room and two twin brothers... 

Justin and Derek both decide to log on to a chat room and unknowingly begin chatting little do they know that their chatting with each other... 

Once they find out will they keep their relationship or will everything that's happened ruin the twins relationship? 

Read on Beliebers.....

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Ive herd of brother from another mother f, bro from another hoe and sister from another mister never herd of twins from another father 😳😧😥🙌
Hahahaah lol haha how come they dont know? Its just like Miraculous Ladybug! Ahaha
Xx means 😘 basically; a London *friend* told me when we we're online cough cough *dating* cough cough... When did I become sick?
honey5124 honey5124 Aug 07
It is possible. It's like how fraternal twins are born only with two different peoples sperm. Very rare thing to happen but it is possible
petty-cure petty-cure Jul 04
Ok he talks to his mom like that. People may find it weird but I think its kinda cute 😭😩😂😍
- - Jun 16
Im sure Derek knows it already or I could be completely wrong