My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic)

My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic)

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Just A Loner By -JiminPabo Updated Jan 29

"I'm a demon, you can't love me"

"But you're my demon. And I'm never leaving you."

Credit to my main for making me this amazing cover @-aestheticjada she da best 👍


caughtinlieee caughtinlieee 9 hours ago
My friends would've jumped on top of me instead of helping me😂😂😂
MarkHitsTheTuan MarkHitsTheTuan Jun 02, 2016
I read that last sentence wrong. I read it like, "I do poop on people". Don't judge me
ranshibuki1001 ranshibuki1001 Jun 02, 2016
If Jungkook and the rest of BTS actually haunted me I would die of HAPPINESS *plays Red Velvet - HAPPINESS.mp3*
aejayroocks aejayroocks Jun 17, 2016
First time to read this and this is seriously interesting. Good job btw.
Heheheh now no one can tell if I was doing something bad 😈😈
eatjimout eatjimout May 01, 2016
sounds aweosome. It also sounds interesting and a good book at the same time.