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Sent to HunterxHunter ( A HunterxHunter fanfic) [OCx Killua]

Sent to HunterxHunter ( A HunterxHunter fanfic) [OCx Killua]

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Eskimo By daydreamerrz Updated Dec 24, 2015

Is it possible to go into a TV show? "No!" That would be a normal answer, but for Rachel  things are a little different.

Rachel has always had a bad life from the start. She lived with an abusive family, that didn't care or love her. 

And just when she thought that she was destined to live life in the darkness, a miracle happened!

She was miraculously sent to the hunter x hunter universe! 

There she meets the happy go lucky Gon, the calm and collected Kurapika (or so it seems) the bad ass Killua and the self fulfilled Leorio.

But the question is, what happens if a girl from our world enters the hunter world?

Will she die in that world? And if so what affect will it have on her?

Haha sorry to point this out but- Annual means yearly... I think that you were looking for another word there. 😂
Wow... I feel like I was reading 'My Life As Athedite Aphrona' again...
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 03, 2016
I have confirmed the Cinderella thing, it's just these ones are more violent than the Disney version
Library_Enchantress Library_Enchantress Sep 21, 2016
"Ahh.. I remember that one episode that blood spewed everywhere when we watched it! Such fun times!" Seriously gurl, why would you watch it when you were 6 or younger!
Popsicle-chan100000 Popsicle-chan100000 Jun 26, 2016
How is she self centered if she helped her evil sister?
                              (Prepare for sarcastic and funny comments from me)
divauliarin divauliarin Feb 05
I'm not gonna watch hxh episodes when hisoka vs gon with my family, just no. Hisoka is a pedo right there