Watch My Back As I Move On

Watch My Back As I Move On

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Haruno Sakura, it is the name of a kunoichi that has been seen weak her whole life. She's been left behind by the one she loved at the age of 14. Became the apprentice of a legendary sannin and a very skilled medic after 2 years.

She was living a wonderful life. She got over her crush. She was dubbed as strong. But everything fell apart when Sasuke returned to Konoha with his team. A spar was all it took for Sakura's strength to be weakness once again. A rumor was all it took for a life to be ruined. And a certain organization was all it took to start a new life.

Written date: September 2015- May 2017

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor the pic.

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TheQueenOfNope TheQueenOfNope Dec 23, 2017
I thought this was sakura and inner talking.
                              Woah! Slow your roll inner, no need to go all zetsu on her ass! XD
AliceNoSakura AliceNoSakura May 05, 2016
"Few minutes" don't forget Konan said she'll be back within an hour but now when Sakura came out she only had 3 minutes left.
dissdia dissdia Apr 30, 2016
Omg!!!!!! Awsome Sakuraxitachi forever!!!
                              Sorry I like the ship and other ships
OrgasmicSarcasm OrgasmicSarcasm Sep 29, 2018
I dislike when Karin is hated I mean, she was just as bad as Sakura was when she was a fangirl-