My Omega (Erwin x Levi)

My Omega (Erwin x Levi)

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(Okay so this is for a bit of fun. And I'm literally making it up as I go along.)

Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman had been mated for many years. Levi was Erwins Omega, therefore Erwin felt he had to protect him. But he wasn't just protecting him from the titans.

Omegas were very rare and very prized. Alphas were respected if they mated with an Omega. This is why Erwin needed to protect Levi, he didn't want to lose him. He loved Levi very much and unlike other Alphas he has never and will never treat him like a possession. Good thing too because Levi hated being belittled.

Levi was perched on the edge of Erwins desk reading through papers. He was bored, in heat and he patience was thinner than usual. "You're frustrated. What's up?" Erwin asked.
"No shit. I mean they told me you were smart but that was astounding." Levi snapped.
"I only asked."
"The cadets have been more annoying than usual, I'm in heat and I know you don't have protection in the drawer of yours." Levi huffed.
"What are...

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JeanK2003 JeanK2003 Dec 07, 2017
Mike gets it! Mike gets it! Why can't you Erwin? 
                              (Sass is provided here)
PandoraButler PandoraButler Apr 10, 2017
Oh ya know. It's like a period. 
                              Once a month and terrifying.
EmilyPocky EmilyPocky Jun 17, 2017
Usually levi is not really honest at some point but.... this is cool
PandoraButler PandoraButler Apr 10, 2017
I'm not sure why I had this random thought
                              But now I'm craving two omegas to be together...
SilverDragonoid SilverDragonoid Dec 28, 2017
I love it when Levi's kicking. He looks so feminine then and that's too funny xD
S34akura54 S34akura54 Apr 17, 2017
Is it wrong to read this story next to two boy at schools cause for some reason I fell like I'm being rude