Bride for Mr.CEO

Bride for Mr.CEO

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lovbeing_me By lovbeing_me Updated Feb 25, 2017

What?,plz tell me that you really didn't mean that, or is that i heard it wrong or something?? " i asked him in such curiosity. 

"No my sweety pie you heard me right, you're getting married in next week and it's final, no more arguments"
Leanne Forsythe the  sole heiress of 'Prestigeious Inc' has evrything that every girl would envy her. She has a beauty that every men would  die for ,totally rich ,super witty and a smoking hot personality. But all she wanted was real normal life away from her rebilous father. But all  her dreams comes  stumbling down when her father spilled her the news of her marriage and the worst part is its just in like a week and she is not even aware of who the mystery guy is.

And the last thing  she expected was to marry Colton Leavitt the upcoming CEO of 'Leavitt Industries',who is her worst nightmare ever and whom she loathes to hell.  

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Queenme258 Queenme258 Feb 02
Sorry to say but Lianne sounds like a tantrum-throwing four year old that has been denied sprinkles on her ice cream
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Aug 04, 2016
Lia how could your dad arrange for you to marry someone that you don't even know or much less care about getting married at all for that matter.
lovbeing_me lovbeing_me Apr 18, 2016
Actually I was buzy,so I couldn't  write,but gradually I'll update the next chapter :)
SylviaAlaniz SylviaAlaniz Apr 18, 2016
Are you going to update your book or you just going to writing   all together. Your book sounds very interesting  but what   going  to  happen   now.
SylviaAlaniz SylviaAlaniz Jul 28, 2016
It has been 3 or 4 month since you have write anything on this book. Please  finish the book cause their  is a lot writer that don't finish their books