shadow's story

shadow's story

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critical_kiwi By critical_kiwi Updated Feb 17, 2017

◀What if things turned out differently for our young protagonist kuroko?▶

Making friends ,Family life,
Being alone?

I do not own kuroko no basuke or the characters or art used in this story.

Thanks for reading! <3

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Momoi can just go and f herself tbh, i really never liked her to begin with idk
bellawellakella bellawellakella Oct 29, 2017
Sorry momoi for this but..
                              Fûck you, you can not just slap someone no matter what so fûck you, BÎTCH
Yeah cus that deffenitly the sane thing (so sarcastic that my brother could sense my sarcasm from down stairs and yelled at me for being sarcastic)
-shtngho -shtngho Jun 22, 2017
"I skipped meals"
                              u drink milkshakes fo a living.
                              theres nothing to skip unless you skip your usual  milkshake..
bellawellakella bellawellakella Oct 29, 2017
I notice tetsuya, stop doing that it can make you lose blood which can then lead to blood loss which can kill you
SaniyaMoosvi SaniyaMoosvi May 14, 2017
selfish...everyone's turned selfish and a team falls apart when that happens...someone like kuroko who depends on his team can understand... all are selfish...