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A Remus Lupin Fanfiction~My Wolf.

A Remus Lupin Fanfiction~My Wolf.

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Shannon :-) By thatsuperherofangirl Completed

Aurora Black is the younger sister of Sirius and a Metamorphmagus. She is rather like him, as in she does not believe in traditional pure-blood ways, that's why she had him as her role model. When she joins Hogwarts, she breaks the Black traditional once more after Sirius and gets sorted in for her  intelligence by being put in Ravenclaw house. Sirius protects and looks out for her, and when she and his friend Remus Lupin fall in love, he gives them his blessing. But Remus has a secret, he's a werewolf, will Aurora stick by him when she finds out? Read to find out!

*Regulus Black will be two years younger than Sirius instead of one*

normalpersonn132 normalpersonn132 Sep 16, 2016
Oh she's going to love slytherin? Well then I'm sure that you're going to love getting punched in the face
Leniar_Lethargus Leniar_Lethargus Feb 19, 2016
Mumma, mummy, mamma. Please use British terminology when the Story is set in britian
normalpersonn132 normalpersonn132 Sep 16, 2016
                              Oh crap that sounded wrong
skeletalwolfcat skeletalwolfcat Jun 13, 2016
Sirius got the stripper idea from his mom throwing that money at him
lunastarose lunastarose Nov 15, 2016
Im sure mother that you'll be fine If you get a letter saying
                              'Im in Gryffindor and married to a muggle,please bring gifts since im pregnant'
normalpersonn132 normalpersonn132 Sep 16, 2016
Omg, me and my mom r Harry Potter fans and when I told her I was a slytherin she siriusly said that 😂😂😂