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Fragile wings...

Fragile wings...

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the first name that pops up in you head? yeah, thats my name By winglessangel Updated Dec 13, 2010

a story about human 17 yr old  girl, in a human world, chancing upon mythical world after she had a fight with her childish mother just after her graduation...
      she is sickly and fragile, constantly he weak body threatens her. she has no father, well the one that she remembered left her when she was 4, no memories of him but a wolf puppy; Tala. her single mother is childish, she acts like a 19yr old, partying all night and comes back with new boy friends at 3 in the morning. Sera can't bare it any more,  time to leave, an anonymous letter arrives through the door about a academy she never heard of. the address was far away, so taking it she applied (without her mother knowing) and as soon as they accepted she was out the door. what she didn't realise; was that letter really for her? 
     she arrives at the school into the unknown, and as soon as she arrives she starts to notice things. But the thing is that, the school is for monsters or 'were-animals', so half beast half man. and she has got herself into this big muddle and because she is human, everyone want to get close because they want to know about the outside world. but she is in bad health or some say 'sickly' or fragile and the pushiness and strangeness of the new world she has encountered might end up badly?
 'they are half animal half man, so they have the ability to be both, and in my words, in between: they can give themselves some of their animal feature while in an animal body (like tails and ears) and this is what they feel most comfortable with, and when Sera find out, she starts to see everybody with small animal features.
         can she survive the mythical world... can she really stay at this school? will she come across friendship, romance, enemies?

Abagail_Frost Abagail_Frost Nov 07, 2010
Love it, i'm glad she's where she can make new friends and be herself.  Great start, please continue?  :)