Icy Magical

Icy Magical

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Pitch stood beside Elsa's bed, his mouth twisted in a sinister smile as he watched the golden sand moving above Elsa's forehead, forming images of young Elsa and young Anna sitting in their mother's lap, while their father watched from behind. He tapped the sand lightly with a pale, crooked finger and almost immediately, the golden sand turned black, forming different images... Pitch stood by, staring at the sleeping Elsa through his cold, hard eyes and murmuring, "Soon...my icy princess...soon...my nightmare has just begun..." Pitch turned in a flourish and disappeared in a whirlwind of black sand...


Things finally seem to be settling down a month after the whole 'eternal winter' incident. People have begun to accept Elsa as their new queen. Anna's going to have her wedding with Kristoff soon. Everyone's excited, it's going to be a grand party and ball and the city is already in celebration. The sisters finally seemed to have patched things up between them. Elsa seems to be in control of her powers and handling her duties well.

Things are going perfectly.

Or, are they?

10 years. It's been 10 years since Jack helped defeat Pitch Black. He has his own house now and things are going great! But what happens when mysterious things start happening and the ever precious time globe gets stolen? Is Pitch back and how? What are the guardians going to do? 

And what about Hans? Sent back to Southern Isles and going to spend his entire life in the inside of a cell. Why did he do what he did? Was it as simple as greed and thirst for power?

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