A Triple Life

A Triple Life

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I'm a hero by day

A villain by night

And trying my best to live a normal life as a Youtuber

 Well at least I'm trying to

Updates Completed!

Warning: Some content in the story is not for young readers. If you are triggered by physical, mental, and sexual abuse this isn't for you.

A/N: artwork isn't mine; it all comes from one art but I just cropped it out to fit the cover

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AwkwardRoaster AwkwardRoaster Sep 15, 2017
Yass i had this in my library for a little while, so why not read it right?
                              Good work on the cover btw! It looks really nice!
xXMiniBitchXx xXMiniBitchXx Nov 25, 2017
                              Ohm's a bad guy, 
mynekoheart mynekoheart May 11, 2017
You took me off guard at smut. Not that i dislike. I was expecting no romance when I check the tag.
                              Yay for romance ❤ wonder if its with a girl or one of Dels guy friends ~
feathermoon1 feathermoon1 Sep 09, 2017
Hahah best name XD ya the Mickey Mouse gang is coming for u !!
TobascoTopHat TobascoTopHat Feb 12, 2017
I just started reading this and I realized that it's 39 chapters
_Drop_Dead_Gorgeous_ _Drop_Dead_Gorgeous_ Aug 04, 2016
It sounds like a beggining of a random episode , I love it! xD