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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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설탕 매실 By luchbell Updated Feb 05

Just some Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Current characters:

• America
• England
• Japan
• China
• France (not all)
• Germany (not all)
• Italy (not all)
• Norway
• Iceland
• Finland
• Denmark

Witch_Charlotte Witch_Charlotte Nov 28, 2016
Yep, that's me, that one person laughing.... Just me. Do you think it's worst that I feel no shame?
Witch_Charlotte Witch_Charlotte Nov 28, 2016
"he was blond, green eyes..." GUYS WARNER HAS ARRIVED! 
                              "... freakishly large eyebrows." Oh never mind. It's just Iggy. *Disappointed glare*
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Aug 17, 2016
Good god my dog wasn't there.The little fluff ball would be deaf.
corporalellie corporalellie May 28, 2016
Well that was a kind of nicer way to say idiot, Mr.Lukas. r00d
Sociopathic-Llama Sociopathic-Llama Aug 15, 2016
I dressed up as Shiie from Zeromachina.
                              Best thing is, I already have everything I need for my cosplay. I can't wait to scare people sh*tless.
xKillua_Zoldyckx xKillua_Zoldyckx Mar 19, 2016
I'm so sorry but is it ok if u add Romano and Switzerland? OMG sorry for adding TWO heheh