One Month (Aru Akise x Assassin!Reader)

One Month (Aru Akise x Assassin!Reader)

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Amy By het4li4n Updated Jul 01, 2016

You became an assassin after the death of both of your parents. Rather oxymoronic, yes, but you did what you needed to do to avoid Social Services. 

However, when a job brings you to Umesato City, will a conflicting person become of interest?

((Occurs BEFORE the Future Diary main arc.))
(I do not own Mirai Nikki or any of the photos.)

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Shut_up_Baka42 Shut_up_Baka42 Nov 24, 2017
I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that thought of Assclass
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I'm supposed to leave for my bus stop at 8:10 but I leave at 8:15
LeahHix LeahHix Dec 07, 2017
Oh you can't tell when I'm blushing because I have a Rosy pigment my cheeks so it always looks like I'm blushing thank God because I blush easily
littlexia littlexia Nov 01, 2016
Wait a fck
                              It cant be 4-E cuz the number represents the year ur in
-otxcu -otxcu Dec 15, 2016
We are all reminded of Koro-Sensei's death. Well the people who watched Assassination Classroom.
Seven-is-A-Hacker Seven-is-A-Hacker Oct 03, 2016
I have to be at school by 6 am cuz my dad works super early (╥_╥)