[difficult love]  Dipper x reader

[difficult love] Dipper x reader

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cookie-chan By _cookie_panda13_ Completed

you are robbies sister

you and dipper are slowly  starting to fall in love

but how would it work out since

robbie and dipper hate each other? 

or will dipper find someone else!?

find out by reading this story!

Nicolover1101 Nicolover1101 Mar 03, 2016
It's called hormones, honey. Get use to it. Trust me I know.......
DlPPER DlPPER Jul 20, 2016
Robbie might be ovr protective.. but atleast in here i get to "know" my brother and know he cares... my bro bro irl probably doesnt even care for me as much as robbie does.. the mc is so lucky...
SuuperNovaMax SuuperNovaMax Aug 06, 2016
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              HOLY SHEIT! 
                              that escalated quickly
DlPPER DlPPER Jul 20, 2016
Its like this in every story "oh hes cute.. wait im not falling for him am I? But we just met" *bangs head on table* "curse dipper for being so cute"
DlPPER DlPPER Jul 20, 2016
Yep u probably wanna bang me. Then again tht isnt rlly bad. Go for it ;) my body is ready *rips shirt off*
DlPPER DlPPER Jul 20, 2016
Pfttt i probably wouldve just kept hugging him.. forever ♡o♡)/