[difficult love]  Dipper x reader

[difficult love] Dipper x reader

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cookie-chan By _cookie_panda13_ Completed

you are robbies sister

you and dipper are slowly  starting to fall in love

but how would it work out since

robbie and dipper hate each other? 

or will dipper find someone else!?

find out by reading this story!

I actually kinda do look like him, but im bootiful-er, i also have darker skin and more punk
SuuperNovaMax SuuperNovaMax Aug 06, 2016
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              HOLY SHEIT! 
                              that escalated quickly
Me: Oh my god you're now my best friend. :)
                              Dipper: Oh no...
                              Mabel: *Excited Scream*
insanitics insanitics Jul 26, 2016
                              Mabel: *gasps* YES
                              Robbie and Dippy sauce: WHYYYYY
insanitics insanitics Jul 26, 2016
Me: *glares at Robbie* watch your f cking language you lil sh t
BradTheRadBird BradTheRadBird Nov 11, 2016
Hey Robbie these are kids in your eyes don't use such language