Manhattan High Love

Manhattan High Love

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Since I haven't  updated, I'll make a new story! This story is filled with love and hate of the two love birds, Sparky and Beauty Queen!


Piper Mclean hates school. She just transferred to Manhattan High because her dad accepted a new movie for the year. Piper thinks sophomore year was going pretty decent (or maybe not so decent) but then she met him. His close cropped hair and electric blue eyes you can look into forever makes her want to melt. Will she fall for him? Or will she try and stay away? Whenever she dates someone, things start to go downhill. But Piper thinks he can be the one. She can possibly date him, right? Is he her happiness that makes PIper smile or is he her trouble who makes Piper hate school more?

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So if she is in her sophomore year, shouldn't she be turning 16, not 15?
M_Marilyn M_Marilyn Aug 09, 2015
YES JORDAN GIRL (because I always see people writing converse) but I am sooo a nikes and Jordan's girl and hoodies are sooooo comfortable<3
- - Jul 29, 2015
Actually I would like to voice out the others who don't comment because I know other people who can't do anything because they don't have an account or people just don't comment. Just keep writing, I know myself and others will appreciate it. ;)
victoriouslt1 victoriouslt1 Jul 28, 2015
This story is great so far! Keep writing. Just because no one reads, doesn't mean it's bad. It just means it's too good for the people who "ignore" it. :)