Forbidden Love (Marco Diaz x Reader)

Forbidden Love (Marco Diaz x Reader)

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Inside the castle of Florantane, lived a royal family, Queen, King, Prince Cameron, and a beautiful young princess at the age of fourteen. 

Her name was Y/n, she loved exploring with her dimension scissors, even though her parents wouldn't allow her, she snuck out with the help of her brother, Cameron! 

But what happens when their dimension scissors break and they're stuck in a dimension that goes by the name "Earth"?

zerokitfox zerokitfox Sep 13
                              DAMN MARY BAXK IT AGAIN WITH THE MARY SUES
So, then why exactly is Cameron worried? And is this the equivalent to Star's wand in my dimension/planet?
This is random but, 
                              Why is cold nipples a thing ? I mean if we cold, we cold, we don't need are nipples to tell us since we already know we cold, What's the point of cold nipples ?!
How old is Cameron exactly? Just curious as to how much older he is than Y/n
When it turns green I have the power of lettuce, When it turns red I have the power of Tomatoes, When it turns black I have the power of Blackberries and when it turns brown..... I have the power of shït, That's usually when I'm on the toilet
LuckyPandaXD LuckyPandaXD Dec 17, 2015
OMG YESS THE SONG !!!!!! I love it and I love the book . Keep up with the good work !!!!!