Betrayed And Broken✔ [Editing]

Betrayed And Broken✔ [Editing]

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"The people he loved dearly only betrayed him, His mom and dad left him all alone in his childhood, His grandpa who is supposed to look after him dearly treated him as an enemy and his 5 years of girlfriend agreed to marry his own brother, It's only a wonder he is not gone crazy....I..I just want to let him know that love actually exists in this world, I don't want him to be alone anymore" -RIYA

"Grandpa has a sick way of revenge and no one knows it better than me, I have endured it my whole life, But somehow I can't allow it to another person, Especially riya, I had never felt so much protective of anyone before! I don't care about anything else as long as she's safe" - NIVIN



For riya,who is brought up by the orphanage,it's the most precious dream,For her,family is a group of people who will stand by you in all situations.

And for nivin,the heir of Aldrick corporation,It's where the most poisonous people in his life is at,it's where the twisted and calculated mind games starts from.

While Riya would do anything to get a family life,nivin would do anything to get out of it.

Can Riya prove to him that love does exist in the world?Can she succeed in opening the cold heart of Nivin rosh james aldrick?


**Not just a story of arranged marriage, A story of love,Friendship,Family and of course adventure with lots of twist & turns and with a HAPPY ENDING!! Hope you will enjoy it :)**

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RehaSheikh RehaSheikh Feb 23
Thank you . I was really scared dat I won't b able to read it again I just love Ur stories
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I am in love with dis story....pls dont delete or upload it soon
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Plzz reupload till June my exams would be over n it's my first book to be read
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Thank you dear. .Please add some bonus chapters too for our lovely couple@nivya
khushi14082000 khushi14082000 Mar 10, 2017
verrrrrryyyyyyyyy nice.....a little confusing, but i like it ;)