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Betrayed And Broken✔

Betrayed And Broken✔

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shakthi By shakthi Completed

"Riya,I can't do it,our marriage,I can't..see you as my wife anymore-"

I stopped as i heard the small sobs coming from her.strangely,it's still hurting me too much,my heart is twisting in pain.

"I'm really sorry I'm hurting you like this,but i think it will be better for us to part without complicating this anymore"

I hesitated a moment,I really feel like a jerk for what I have to say next.

"I will understand it if you walk away now,I won't hold it against you,but I would really like you to stay here,until the board meeting"

There I said it.i know i am the most selfish person in this world now.I'm even using her,but I see no other way to control grandpa,I have to stop him before he ruin someone else's life too.

"You know what happens if you walk away now,grandpa is going to drag it across the media,both of us will suffer,I know you don't have a place to go now and your mamma is in need of treatment too,so please stay here for the time being,I don't want anyone to suspect anything until the CEO is elected"i said

The moment grandpa decided to interfere in my married life,He made the worst mistake.I will never stop at anything now,I will get into the goddamn company and i will destroy it,Because it's the only bloody thing that grandpa really care about.

I turned around And placed the wedding ring,that I was gripping tightly in my hand,on the table.

"The choice is yours,whatever you decide,I will respect your decision"



For riya,who is brought up by the orphanage,it's the most precious dream,For her,family is a group of people who will stand by you in all situations.

And for nivin,the heir of Aldrick corporation,It's where the most poisonous people in your life is at,it's where the twisted and calculated mind games starts from.

While Riya would do anything to get a family life,nivin would do anything to get out of it.

Can Riya prove to him that love does exist in the world?Can she succeed in opening the cold heart of Nivin rosh james aldrick?

verrrrrryyyyyyyyy nice.....a little confusing, but i like it ;)
Nagarani26 Nagarani26 Mar 17
Great story! Loved it!
                              Please check out 🙂
vids22 vids22 Jul 13, 2016
You know what m reading it again from the beginning. Its such a superb story.
Rheaizar Rheaizar Jul 20, 2016
Great start! Shraddha is so awesome, who wouldn't want her?!
Made3ha Made3ha Jul 18, 2016
😑again...stupid people, doesn't want shraddha kapoor??!! Duh