Catastrophic Makings // Teen Wolf

Catastrophic Makings // Teen Wolf

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Isaac-Derek-Stiles By Isaac-Derek-Stiles Updated Dec 30, 2016

Senior year. Erin and the pack, minus Liam, are now seniors. But going into senior year, they know its not gonna be a walk in the park. It's been four months since the Deadpool, Kate, and Peter, and its been, to say the least, calm. But its time for things to get a bit complicated again. 

Erin's sleep schedule has been teetering the past few weeks, and she doesn't know why. She'll wake up in random places, get startled awake by noises around her, and be woken up by agonizing, excruciating pain in her head that'll last for only a couple minutes, before  it fades away all at once. But she remains in denial, insisting she's fine, so she doesn't tell anyone. Not Scott or Stiles, not even Jordan. She keeps it to herself, and hides it. 

But school is about to start, and so is the chaos that comes with it.


Lyrical_journey Lyrical_journey Jun 19, 2016
Between this season and the third one I think with Stiles being possessed I hate
cathlinR cathlinR Aug 12, 2015
Try Put Locker they have them on there. The website is really good that's where I watch it :)
MegElizabeth96 MegElizabeth96 Aug 02, 2015
Have you tried the website Tvmuse , its free and they have all the episodes on so far x