Lady Death (Black Butler x reader)

Lady Death (Black Butler x reader)

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y/n, is the horsemen death and she is soon captured into the Phantomhive manor to obey Lord Ciel's every command. Although she has a hellish orgin, she was granted the ability to feel. This, caused her to enjoy every single moment she had taken a life. However that desire pushed her into a deep insanity she has troube crawling out of at times. 
But after meeting certian men, demons, and reapers, she can feel her insanity slowly fading. Only one can truely save her from herself.  


This is after Ciel becomes a demon. And him and Alois aged to be 21 years old men (unless you like their original age, I will not be too specific so you can just pretend if you want to) Either way, this means Alois and Claude did not die in this version. 
Sebastian x reader
Ciel x reader
Alois x reader
Claude x reader 
undertaker x reader and Will x reader I don't know yet

I don't know why I feel like I just turned into a cat or a dove...
Sebastian has to let Grell hug him for 10 minutes or else I won't come
I like the dress, BUT in my opinion it has too much white on it
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I may not like dresses but I need that dress in mai lyfe!!!!!!
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I'm a dragon wat chu Talkin bout ain't nobody gonna call me a little kitty I'm not about to be raped no thank you. Sebby back off
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Omg the first time I looked over the paragraph my brain thought it said pleasure X3