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chiaroscuro (n. kee-ah-roe-SKEW-roe) 
in art, the treatment of light and shadow to render the illusion of depth.

When aspiring Ivy League student Eadlyn Finch has her wallet stolen in a coffee shop, she thinks her luck can't get much worse. But when she meets the thief, mysteriously cold and analytically brilliant James Ferrias, she realizes it can. 

From extravagant dinners to pageants, fate throws them together at every turn. At first masquerading as a pretty bad boy with nothing inside, James is hiding much more than what he's willing to admit. If his father is the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation, then why is James living in the slums of New Santiago? Who is Belle, and why is her identity something he'll do anything to hide? 

Quitting his internship, James begins to work at Eadlyn's coffee shop. They are two among a group of dedicated employees who are taken to Switzerland to supervise a new chain location there. In a new country, new people-and old skeletons from James's closet-come into play to form an intricate web of corruption and lies, and they begin to realize that there is much more than fate at play.


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dark_forests dark_forests Oct 08, 2016
That was beautiful. Still kinda sad because I was in the middle of reading the original and was about to begin part 2 and then it updated on its own and now its all gone. But I'm excited for edited version of the book!
autumnbellss autumnbellss Feb 09, 2017
the synopsis was changed a lot :( I'm honestly sad I won't be able to reread this masterpiece again.
katernator katernator Feb 09, 2017
i literally learnt about and did this in art a couple weeks ago, omfg i love it the title relates perfectly to the book
eicaregg eicaregg Oct 09, 2016
Wait what? What happened to the original? Will I never see it D: